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Graco’s MasterTech redefines the cased wellbore exit landscape with its cutting-edge, single trip whipstock system.

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Graco MasterTech redefines the cased wellbore exit landscape with its cutting-edge, single-trip whipstock system. This isn’t just a solution; it’s a dynamic whipstock system meticulously crafted to set new industry benchmarks.

With its cost-effective approach for exiting cased wellbores, Graco’s MasterTech’s compact design, short whipstock length, and compact milling assembly enable the creation of a shorter window-exit Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA).

This system brings seamless navigation through the most severe doglegs. Experience a quicker kickoff and achieve a higher build rate in short-radius applications, all while ensuring retrievability for multi-zone operations.

Elevate your drilling operations with MasterTech, the ultimate retrievable whipstock system engineered for excellence.

Whipstock System
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Explore the future of single trip whipstock systems with our MasterTECH Whipstock flyer – your gateway to unmatched innovation, efficiency, and reliability.

MasterTech Whipstock System Flyer

MasterTech Whipstock Flyer

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